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    Compangy Profile

    Located in Kaiping, the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese, Kaiping Zicai Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaging in 3C electronic product coating in China. The company holds the concept of "making efforts for the human environmental protection", which is widely recognized by the customers, and at the same time, adhering to the principles of "science and technology, quality and service", the company is consistently trusted by customers. Introducing the synthesis experience from Europe and North America, the company has researched, developed and produced UV special monomer, UV resin, metal salt assistant, chemical fiber assistant and special assistant for coating.

    he company is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the production of high-tech series UV resin, which uses the domestic and foreign professional detection equipment, has domestic and foreign advanced automatic production line and strictly follows the regulated quality management system. In order to enhance the technical development, the company established an application R&D center in Shenzhen in 2009 and interacted with the technical R&D center of Kaiping headquarters to form a R&D consortium, thus enhancing the new material research and development in electronics, resistance welding, 3C application, woodware, paint ink and glass hardware etc.

    All products produced by the company have been used in the domestic and foreign large enterprises for many years, and the company can also provide application reference and after-sales service ability.

    In addition, the company can also develop (customize) new monomer and resin for the customers to meet the special demands of customers, making your products more competitive.

    Kaiping Zicai Chemical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the service purpose of "quality and reputation first", and we are willing to become your most excellent operation partner in UV resin field with our professional and dedicated expectation.

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